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Genealogical Roll (Creation to temp. Edward IV)(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Chronicle Roll
Codicology:Vellum, 241 x unmeasured mm(Content authored by Corpus Christi College), (9.5 broad in.): on eleven skins. Cent. xv late, with rather good but rough drawings.
Genealogia ab Adamo ad Henricum quartum Angliae Regem. Donum Tho. Whincop S.T.B. Hujus Coll. Soc. A.D. 1682/3.
Additions:Note that in Historical MSS. Reports I 65, there is a notice of a paper roll given by Th. Whincop in 1690, and written by Andrew Middleton, Bencher of the Middle Temple, in 1527, going from the Creation to 1066 A.D.: now among the College Muniments. This is wrongly described in Stanley's Catalogue as Misc. 23.
Foliation: Not foliated (roll)(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Language: Latin.(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Genealogical Roll (Creation to temp. Edward IV) (Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
On the front
Anglia insularum maxima in occidentali occeano sita per longum extenditur
deinde Willelmus conquestor dux normanorum
Cum homo conueniat cum mundo in eius contentis et nonnullis tamen condicionis sue prerogatiuis a mundo discrepat
The Fall: human-headed serpent: angel with sword on L.
The ark (ship). Noe and seven other heads of people
Brutus, large: seated king with scimitar
Nativity. The Child nude, rayed, blessing, in C. Above Him three heads look in at a window. Divine Hand on R. Censers swinging R. and L. Virgin kneels on L. Joseph (large head), ox and ass on R.
Lucius: seated king
Constantine: Emperor, half-length
ffrealaf: bust crowned
Egbrutus ” : half-length king with sword
Edwardus justus
Edwardus Confessor: two sceptres, one with dove
Willelmus conquestor: sword and orb
Busts of other kings down to Edward IV
The text has many additions in later hand: at the end are hardly any notes of events
On the back, in another hand
Pontifices Romani
Petrus. Post passionem Christi anno sequente beatus petrus apostolus filius Johannis de prouincia galilee vico betreida (sic) tenuit cathedram etc.
Between Leo V and Benedict III, under the year 861, 5.5 lines (on Pope Joan) are erased
Ends with Benedict XII (1334-42)
Hic iam presidet in ecclesia monachus de ordine Cisterciensi
On the next skin begin
Imperatores Romanorum
Tiberius. Anno xiiiio ab incarnatione domini regnauit tiberius
Ends (after Frederick II)
Rex eciam Nauarre qui infirmus de affrica processerat in sicilia ueniens est defunctus