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Old English Martyrology. Old English Vindicta saluatoris(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Martyrologium Saxonice. Vindicta Salvatoris Saxonice
Codicology:Vellum, 285 x 170 mm(Content authored by Corpus Christi College), (11.3 x 7.2 in.), ff. 61, 27 lines to a page. Assigned to cent. x early by Herzfeld, but ? xi early.
Collation: 18 (wants 1) 28-78 || 88? (wants 1, 8).
Provenance:Identified by Wanley as one of Leofric's gifts to Exeter entered as “Martirologium.”
Foliation: pp. a-d + 1-122 + e-h(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Language: Old English.(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Old English martyrology (incomplete) (Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Pars maxima Martirologii seu potius Menologii Anglo-Saxonici, nempe a die 19 mensis Martis usque ad diem 21 Decembris inclusive (Content authored by Nasmith)
Anglo-Saxon Martyrology beginning imperfectly at 19 March
Cameron B19.2.1 (Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Several quires must be gone at the beginning
Text begins
se ys to ƿam ge set ƿæt he celeð ƿæra tungla
Edited by Herzfeld for the Early English Text Society, 1900
Ends imperfectly in Dec. 21 (St Thomas)
ne myhton ælreorde ƿeode hergian on ƿa
On the character of this Martyrology see J. Chapman, Early History of the Vulgate Gospels
Old English Vindicta saluatoris (incomplete) (Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Fragmentum Saxonicum capite et calce truncatum sex tantum constans foliis, in quo habetur: Pars legationis fabulosse Nathanis Judei ad Tiberium Caesarem (Content authored by Nasmith)
Fragment of an Anglo-Saxon version of the Vindicta Salvatoris
(see Tischendorf, Evang. Apocr.)
Cameron B8.5.4.1 (Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Printed by C. W. Goodwin, The Anglo-Saxon Legends of St Andrew and St Veronica, Cambridge, 1851, and last by Assmann, A.-S. Homilien u. Heiligenleben, 1889, p. 181 (in Bibl. d. A.-S. Prosa): both use other complete copies of the text
Ends imperfectly
Ac uolosianus hire to cƿæð. La ƿif