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The Koran(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Codicology:Paper, 141 x 102 mm(Content authored by Corpus Christi College), (5.8 x 4.2 in.), 15 lines to a page. Cent. xvii (?), neatly written, without illumination.
Provenance:Donum Jacobi Hitchcock generosi de Grancetter quod dono dedit Bibliothecae maiori Col. Corporis Xti Cant.
He does not appear to have been a member of the College. The gift was “procured by Mr H.(?) Dobson” says the College copy of Parker's Register (see Introd.). An Isaac Dobson became Fellow in 1628 and Vicar of Grantchester in 1644. In 1661-1667 he was University Librarian, and died in 1678. Mr Hitchcock is described in the MS. Catalogue of Benefactors as an attorney.
Foliation: ff. i + 1-238. Partially imaged: front cover interior and exterior + ff. i + 1-89 + 212-238 + back cover interior and exterior.(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Language: Arabic and Latin.(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
The Koran (Content authored by Corpus Christi College)