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Ancrene Wisse(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Ancrene Wisse
Codicology:Vellum, 210 x 150 mm(Content authored by Corpus Christi College) (8.4 x 6 in.), ff. 4 + 118, 28 lines to a page. Cent. xiii, in a very fine clear hand.
Collation: a2 b2 110 28 310-1210.
Provenance:From Wigmore (Herefordshire).
At bottom of f. 1r (xiii):
Liber ecclesie S. Jacobi de Wygemore. quem Johannes Purcel dedit eidem ecclesie ad instanciam fratris Walteri de Lodel(awe?) senioris tunc precentoris. Siquis dictum librum alienauerit a predicta ecclesia. uel titulum hunc maliciose deleuerit anathema. Amen. fiat (thrice). Amen.
Additions:f. ir pasted over has remains of writing.
f. iiv. Title and notes on forms of English (xvi).
ff. iiir-ivv. Part of the text transcribed into modern English (xvi).
1r. Headed (xvi) Liber octauus, the book having been formerly reckoned by Parker as the eighth volume of his collection of Anglo-Saxon Homilies.
Research:This copy is mentioned in the Camden Society edition of the Ancren Riwle (by J. Morton, 1853, p. vi) but is not used for the constitution of the text: an extract given by Wanley (p. 149) is reprinted at p. xxiii.
The most original text, in a different dialect, seems to be the imperfect copy at Gonville and Caius (no. 234).
The C. C. C. MS. has been transcribed for the Early English Text Society; specimens (from this transcript) are given in Anglia 1907, p. 103 etc. by Dr Heuser. In the Modern Language Review (July 1909) Professor A. S. Napier deals with Dr Heuser's article, and shows that certain prayers were copied from this MS. and archaic forms designedly introduced into them, by W. L'isle. His copy is in the Bodleian MS. Laud. Misc. 201.
Foliation: ff. a-b + i-iv + 1-118 + c-d(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Language: Middle English and Latin.(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Ancrene Wisse (Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Ancrene Wisse
I þe faderes and i þe sunes and i þe hali gastes nome her beginneð ancrene ƿisse
Recti diligunt te. In canticis sponsa ad sponsum. Est rectum grammaticum, etc.
Lauerd seið godes spuse to hire deorewerðe spus
The we re-written with modern w by hand of cent. xv (?). This has been done in several places
Ase ofte as ȝe habbeð ired eaƿiht her on greteð þe leafdi ƿið an aue for him þet sƿonc her abuten Inoh meaðful ich am þe bidde se lutel
Explicit. þench o þi ƿritere i þine beoden sum chearre ne beo hit ne se lutel. hit turneð þe to gode þet tu bidest for oþre
f. 118v blank