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Matthew Paris OSB, Historia Anglorum (1067-1253) and other works(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Matthaei Paris Historia Anglorum (Historia Minor)
Codicology:Paper, 340 x 243 mm(Content authored by Corpus Christi College), (8 x 5.5 in.), ff. cir. 500, with varying numbers of lines to the page. Cent. xvi (cir. 1567), in various hands.
Foliation: Vol. I = ff. iii + 1-33 + 33a + 34-47 + 47a + 48-96 + 96a + 97-107 + 107a + 108-154 + 154a + 155-160 + 160a + 161-246 + 246a + 247-298 + 298a + 299-305 + 305a + 306-307 (End of Vol. I). Vol II = ff. 308-455 (currently disbound)(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Research:A transcript of the “Arundel” manuscript (now Royal 14 C. VII) of the History including the Historia Anglorum from 1067 to 1253; the latter portion of the Chronica Maiora from 1254 to 1259; and the continuation, from 1259 to 1273. In MS 348 is a second transcript of part of the Historia Anglorum
Research:This account is taken for the most part from Sir F. Madden's description (Matt. Paris Hist. Anglorum, Rolls I p. lxix)
Language: Latin.(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Matthew Paris OSB, Historia Anglorum (1067-1253), Chronica maiora (1254-59), Chronica maiora (continuation 1259-73) (Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Matthei Paris historia minor a coronatione Willelmi I ad mortem Henrici III, anno 1273 (Content authored by Nasmith)
Hoc apographum fieri fecit Parkerus ex codice Arundeliano ut patet ex prefatione editionis suae. Historia minor desinit in anno 1250, caetera desumuntur ex historia majori; et ex hoc codice edita sunt a Parkero uti fidem faciunt notas typographicae margini inscriptae. Codex porro ornatur scutis nobilium, etc. ad instar cod. XXVI, XVI(Content authored by Nasmith)
In the initial letter D the arms of Parker are introduced, and in order to make each of the first eight lines begin with an e several words have been altered
The shields, etc., which occur in the original MS. are neatly copied in colour on the margins of the present volume
Between the prologue and the transcript of the Historia is a copy of the genealogical tract contained in MS 26 (Considerans prolixitatem), coming down to the reign of Henry III. Another copy, continued to Henry V, is in MS 100
At the beginning of the reign of Henry III, Parker's arms are again inserted, with the date 1567
At the end of 1253 is this note: “Hucusque progreditur Historia Minor; quae sequuntur sunt ex Historia Majore Matthaei Parisiensis
At the beginning of 1254 is: “Ex libro Arund. Com.”
The portion from 1254 to 1273 has been used for the press, as appears by Parker's references to his edition in the margins. Throughout the transcript these have now been covered with paper
One of them at the year 1167 reads: “Omnes hae literae inseruntur in exemplari domini Cecilii
This refers to the MS. now Latin 6048 B in the Bibliotheque Nationale: it belonged to Sir W. Cecil, and had been lent by him to Parker