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Chronicle and Register of Benefactors of the Monastery of St Albans(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Chronica et Registrum Benefactorum Monasterii S. Albani
Codicology:Vellum, 443 x 310 mm(Content authored by Corpus Christi College), (17.2 x 12.2 in.), ff. 132, double columns of 50-60 lines. In three main portions, A, B, C. Cent. xv, in several hands: a supplement to MS 5, MS 6.
Collation: The collation of the volume, at least of the earlier portion, is so confused as to be unprofitable. The order of the leaves has been thoroughly well ascertained by Mr H. T. Riley and is set forth below.
Additions:At the bottom of f. 1r this inscription:
“Hinc (Hunc) librum cronicalem tam gestorum regum quam abbatum post mortem dompni Willelmi Wyntwshyll in quaternis derelictum connecti fecit dompnus Robertas Ware. Et licet diuerse materiei diuersa sunt propter defectus quaternorum non consonancia studeat tamen lector flores mellifluos et coloribus amaricatos prout tempora fuerunt degustare timere et refutare.”
Additions:On the flyleaf (f. ir)(Content authored by Corpus Christi College) is an account in pencil by Mr Riley of the contents of the book:
“This volume contains three distinct Historical works (not five as Nasmith says) in addition to an account of Abbots de la Mare, Moote, and Heyworth, and a Register of the Benefactors of St Albans down to the early part of the 15th century, 92r-132v, the leaves of the latter being intermixed.
(A). The first of the Historical MSS. (A.D. 1377-1405) embraces 1r-14v, 22r, 22v, 16r, 16v, 36r, 36v, 51r-52v, 45r, 45v, 21r, 21v, 15r, 15v, 23r-24v, being mutilated at the end.
The second of the Historical MSS. (A.D. 1392-1406) is a continuation of the MS. in the Royal Library at the British Museum 13 C IX (ff. 177-326) and embraces pp. 25r-35v, 37r-44v, 46r-50v, 17r-20v, 53r-68v of this volume.
The third of the Historical MSS. (A.D. 1392-1422) begins at 69r and ends at 91v, being mutilated at the commencement. It is the basis of Walsingham's text.
From the Note at the foot of 1r we may conclude that the leaves of the three MSS. were thrown together in this confused state when they were still the property of the Abbey of St Albans. H. T. R.
(C). The second work (other than those mentioned above) in this volume is the “Liber de Benefactoribus Mon. S. Albani” (now published in the Rolls Series, Chron. Mon. S. Albani, in the same volume with Trokelowe) occupying 102r-111v.
(B). The third work in the volume seems to be a continuation of the Gesta Abbatum Mon. S. Albani contained in the Cotton MS. Claudius E IV. It is imperfect and has been divided into three fragments in binding up this volume: the context running 112r-120v, two leaves having been cut out before 112r, and three leaves after 120v: it then goes back to 92r-101v, and is then continued at 121r-132v, the last leaf being mutilated.” H. T. R. 30th May 1867.
See Mr Riley's Introduction to Trokelowe's Annals in the Rolls Series.
Foliation: ff. a-c + i + 1-132 + d-f(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Language: Latin.(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Chronicle and Register of Benefactors of the Monastery of St Albans (Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Of these works No. I begins
Anno gracie millesimo trecentesimo septuagesimo septimo qui est annus regni Regis Ricardi a conquestu secundi primus Ricardus de Burdegala filius Edwardi etc.
A square miniature on red ground of Richard II throned, beardless, holding sword and sceptre. He is in blue mantle over red with white collar
The last page of this chronicle is 24v, where it ends imperfectly
donec per quosdam regales prohibiti
(a text which recurs on 78r of this MS. in the 3rd Chronicle)
An old note here says
“deficit hic quaternus”
The passages of it which were omitted in the text of Tho. Walsingham's Hist. Anglicana are printed by Mr Riley in Walsingham, Rolls Series II 411-425
No. II is printed from this MS. in J. de Trokelowe etc. Chronica (Rolls Series) pp. 155-420, by Mr Riley
No. III is in two hands, the 2nd beginning at 77r: it ends 91v
eius disposicioni sunt commissa
where is a note (xvi)
“hiis istis verbis finitur historia thome de Walsingham
(added “qui ex hoc opere suam Historiam compilauit” )
See Riley's Walsingham Historia Anglicana, Rolls Series II, Pref.
At the foot of the page
De Henrico rege sexto
Lactens regno. pater moritur. michi consule mater
Rex sine re regnas regni tibi parua potestas
Dum puer et rex stas regnum consumet egestas
Ve regno regis pueri destruccio legis
Grex superbibit tibi fraus gens inde peribit
O rex si rex es rege te uel eris sine re Rex
Si bene teque regis es dignus nomine Regis
The next portion which appears in the MS. (though Riley in the note copied above describes it last in order) is the continuation of the Gesta Abbatum. The true order of the pages, as noted above, is 112r-120v, 92r-101v, 121r-132v. Section C follows 101v
It is printed by Riley, Gesta Abbatum, Rolls Series III 375-535
About a quarter of the last leaf is torn off
There is one picture in this portion at 121r representing Abbot John Moote in mitre with crosier seated under a blue canopy. On L. a monk holding a parchment, and two civilians; on R. four monks are holding a parchment: ground red with gold flowers. Small initial with Virgin and Child
The remaining portion is the Liber de Benefactoribus, printed by Riley in Trokelowe, Rolls Series, pp. 427-464. This has a good deal of pictured work
a sketch of a knight in armour with lance, on horseback
a large miniature of Offa in scarlet over blue, crowned, seated, holding sword and model of Church with central tower and leaded spire. Purple ground with pattern
Four other small miniatures, busts of bearded kings: purple ground
nine similar busts
two busts of ladies drawn in ink, cent. xvi
large. Almost black ground with white pattern. Queen Matilda seated holding purse, and charter, which she gives to kneeling monk on R. Another bust of a queen
large. Pope Adrian I in tall crowned mitre, chasuble with pall etc., throned gives charter to Offa who kneels with his crown on his L. wrist, presented by another. Orange and black ground
Seven more busts of popes
Adrianus IV in vermilion chasuble, throned, blessing
Seven busts of popes
Ethelric, Bp of Dorchester, in red robe and skull cap, kneels, with crosier, on cushion at draped table, and hands a charter to a monk who stands behind the table: behind him is an arcaded retable
Nine busts of bishops
Three more busts of bishops(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
A knight in armour kneels holding a church and a sealed charter, at an altar. Black ground with white pattern bordered by red with white pattern
Eight heads of knights mostly in helmets
Twenty-three heads of men and women skilfully painted with considerable variety of expression, and of headgear
Twenty-seven similar heads of men and women(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Twenty-nine similar heads of men and women(Content authored by Corpus Christi College). On margin a faint sketch apparently of a patient seated with a knife applied to his cheek or neck
Nineteen similar heads of men and women(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Four more heads of men and women(Content authored by Corpus Christi College) in col. 1. Col. 2, in a later hand, has three busts in pen and ink, probably of cent. xvi. Spaces are left at first in the pages which follow