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Gospel Lectionary(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Codicology:Vellum, 291 x 207 mm(Content authored by Corpus Christi College) (11.4 x 8.3 in.), ff. 147, 30 lines to a page. Cent. xii late or xiii early, in a splendid black hand, which suggests St Albans to me.
Collation: 112 (misbound but complete) 28 (wants 1) 38-68 (one canc.) 78-108 (1 canc.) 118-158 (5 canc.) 168-188 19 (three).
2 fo.
in libro Abraham.
in tabula Feria.
Provenance:The book is of English work, and, as I said, more like St Albans to my mind than Canterbury. But the addition of St Augustine's feast the only one, I think, to be found, does suggest that Canterbury was its home.
Foliation: ff. a-b + 1-147 + c-d(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Language: Latin.(Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
Gospel Lectionary (Content authored by Corpus Christi College)
A Table of Gospels for the year. The use seems to be Roman
The Four Gospels. The first leaf of Matthew is gone
The margins are broad, and in them (besides the Ammonian sections in black) are the names of the feasts on which Gospels are to be read, in red and blue. Each section has a beautiful initial (without gold) blue or red, filled with very charming ornament in red, blue, yellow or green
Prologue to Mark
(Marcus euangelista dei) et petri
f. 49r-49v blank
Text of Mark with magnificent initial: conventional foliage on gold, edged with green
Prologue to Luke
(Lucas Syrus)
74v blank
Text of Luke with magnificent initial (containing a dragon)
On f. 92r in red and blue capitals, only slightly later than the other rubrics, “In die Sancti Augustini anglorum apostoli
On margins of 92v, 93r are pencil sketches of initials and ornaments
Prologue to John
Text with admirable initial