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Cambridge University Library

Project Director: Peter Fox
Head of Imaging Services: Don Manning

Lead camera operators
Maciej Pawlikowski (2007-2009)
Sarah Durand (2006-2007)
Nancy Ross (2005-2006)

Camera operators
Gillian Bates (2006-2009)
Anna Karbownik (2007-2009)
Błażej Mikuła (2007-2009)
George Self (2009)
Urszula Wencka (2006-2008)
Maciej Pawlikowski (2006-2007)
Sarah Durand (2005-2006)
Christopher Jones (2005-2007)

Acknowledgements: Others contributing to the successful completion of the digitisation were: Patricia Killiard (Head of Electronic Services and Systems at the University Library), Gerry Bye (former Head of Imaging Services Systems at the University Library) and Simon Tanner (Consultant).