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Project Director: John Hatcher
Project Manager: Nigel Morgan

Rebecca Rushforth (2005-9)
Neil Coates (2005-9)
Elizabeth Boyle (2008-9)
Keith Waters (2008-9)
Denis Casey (2009)

XML Manuscript Description
Giuliano Di Bacco (2006-9)
Christine Feld (2006-9)
Suzanne Paul (2007-9)
Benjamin Albritton (2008-9)

Melvin Jefferson (2005-9)
Elizabeth Bradshaw (2005-9)
Edward Cheese (2006-9)

The Pilot Project (2004-5)
Haroon Ahmed (Director), John Cleaver (Manager), Timothy Bolton

Acknowledgements: The success of the scholarly research, manuscript preparation and digitisation carried out within Corpus Christi College owes much to the assistance provided by Fellows and Staff. Particular thanks are due to Christopher de Hamel (Donnelly Parker Fellow Librarian), Gillian Cannell (Assistant Parker Librarian), Anil Keetoon (Computer Officer), and Nigel Yandell and Sue Ainger-Brown (Bursars). Patricia Easterling compiled the bibliography for the small number of Greek manuscripts in the collection.