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University Librarian: Michael A. Keller
Project Director: John Haeger

  • Catherine A. Aster, Project Manager
  • Jon Bischofberger, Digital Image Processing
  • Doris Cheung, Digital Production Coordinator
  • Susan Flaherty, Digital Image Processing
  • Jennie Floyd, Research Assistant
  • Emma Gorst, Research Assistant
  • Christopher Jesudurai, Web Application Developer
  • Douglas Kim, Web Application Developer
  • Oleg Lyutov, Digital Image Processing
  • Michael Olson, Project Manager
  • Alison Parks-Whitfield, Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Daniel Sanchez, Digital Image Processing
  • Stuart K. Snydman, Project Manager
  • Jenna Venturini, Digital Image Processing
  • Amber Weathers, Digital Production Coordinator
  • Rebecca Wedl, Research Assistant
  • Kilpatrick Will, Digital Image Processing
  • Nina Yang, Digital Image Processing

Members of the Parker Consultative Group

  • Paula Findlen (Stanford University)
  • Martin K. Foys (Hood College, Drew University)
  • Alexandra Gillespie (University of Toronto)
  • John Haeger (Stanford University Libraries)
  • Andrew C. Herkovic (Stanford University Libraries)
  • Assunta Pisani (Stanford University Libraries)
  • Hans Rütimann (Andrew W. Mellon Foundation)
  • Jennifer Summit (Stanford University)