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Text transcript of Tutorial No.1 - General Information

Parker on the Web consists of information pages, high resolution images of all the pages in Parker Library manuscripts, descriptive metadata to enable access to the manuscripts and their contents, and bibliographical references to related scholarship on each individual manuscript.

For useful background information about the project, select "About" from the main menu. The "About" page default view displays a brief history of the Parker Library and a description of the collection. Some of the collection's highlights are mentioned in the second paragraph on this page.

For project-specific information, select "About the project". "Project Status" contains important information about the project's overall progress, about new or forthcoming features, and about additional content, which will be added from time to time.

"About the Catalogues" explains the main catalogues of the Parker Library and the manner of their use on this site.

If you are not familiar with some of the terminology used to describe medieval manuscripts, consider using the site glossary for additional information. For example, if you aren't familiar with the term "incipit", you can browse the glossary for a definition.

If you are not familiar with medieval manuscript catalogues, or need help deciphering the descriptions on this site, please see the information presented in the fourth tutorial which is called "About Manuscript Descriptions".